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Harry + Draco = BFF 4Ever by leo_draconis
Summary: Draco's so excited - he just met the nicest boy in the robe shop and he knows they'll be best friends. A tale of hidden friendship and budding love.
Word Count: 4,335
Love Lies Bleeding by oldenuf2nb
Summary: During her sixth year at Hogwarts, Ginny Weasley discovers a spell that allows her to turn a treasured birthday gift into a window on Harry Potter's soul. What she sees is not what she expected...
Word Count: 9,559
Liquid Lust by nicevenn
Summary: Aurors are being targeted with a potion previously unknown to the wizarding world. It is up to the Ministry's Potions Master, Draco Malfoy, to find an antidote.
Word Count: ~2,100
Heavy Scene by furiosity
Summary: At Babylon, Thursday means Muggle night, but one of those nights is not like all the others. It all sort of goes pear-shaped from there.
Word Count: 15,469
Note: Some Blaise/Draco
Beyond the Veil by leo_draconis
Summary: During a training exercise at the Ministry, nineteen-year-old Harry falls into the veil and is assumed dead. Moments later he falls out again and into Draco's office – thirty-year-old Draco. Not wanting the Ministry to discover that the Chosen One didn't really die eleven years before and take over his life, Draco takes him home to stay until they can figure out just what happened and how to send him back. What happens when falling in love becomes the biggest complication of all?
Word Count: 24,285
A Coalition of Family by megyal
Summary: "It's magic soup," Draco told him, and his heart melted at Harry's little huff of laughter. "Our family made this," he explained and took Harry's free hand in both of his, rubbing his thumbs over the bony fingers.
Word Count: ~4,100
Dear Hermione by dayspring
Summary: Harry needs Hermione's help, even though she's out of the country.
Word Count: ~830
Mpreg: Non-graphic
Exceeding Expectations by chibidraco
Summary: Thoughts of his impending fatherhood draw Draco to a local park. Children are too messy he thinks and what kind of father will I be?
Word Count: 2,691
Mpreg: Non-graphic
In The Beginning by nursedarry
Summary: With this you get a lion who speaks Parseltongue, Voldesnake in a twisted Tree of Knowledge, and what I think the Creator really meant to happen. If you squint, you might also recall "The Blue Lagoon".
Word Count: 11,355
Code-cracking for Gryffindors by saras_girl
Summary: Harry should know better than to conceal mysterious body art from dorm-mates who pay no heed to what happened to the cat.
Word Count: ~4,000