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Intrepid Teenage Hero by jennavere
Summary: To save wizardkind from falling into the Dark Lord’s evil clutches, intrepid teenage hero Harry Potter embarks on a dangerous quest: infiltrating Malfoy Manor and getting information from Draco using highly unorthodox methods.
Word Count: 28,867
Miracle by daemon_familiar
Summary: The diagnosis of Draco's mysterious illness is far from what he expected.
Word Count: 7,373
Mpreg: Non-graphic
Gay Aurors by charlottesometimes
Summary: Draco Malfoy mysteriously returns to London a badass and is partnered up with a very grumpy and very gay Harry Potter.
Word Count: 133,134
Fool Rushes In by oldenuf2nb
Summary: In a burst of unexplained magic, Harry Potter’s Auror partner Draco Malfoy has simply disappeared. Frantic with worry, terrified that something really terrible has happened to the other man, Harry realizes that what he feels for him just might be more than friendship.
Word Count: 17,212
The List by tari_sue
Summary: Draco needs to get married before he turns 30 in order to claim an inheritance. With the help of his little black book and restaurant owner, Harry Potter, Draco dates as many women as possible in order to find the one worthy of being his bride.
Word Count: 21,504
Other Careers: Harry owns a restaurant
The Secret Diary of Draco Malfoy: Aristocrat, Ne'er do Well, Rampant Homosexual by croatoan6000
Summary: Draco is the bitchy gay wizard equivalent to Bridget Jones. And he has a massive crush on a certain Boy Wonder - shenanigans and sillyness ensue.
Word Count: 72,303
P.S. I Know You by smirking_muse
Summary: In a series of letters, relationships are made, people grow, and lives change.
Word Count:~7,300
Other Careers: Draco is a romance novelist
Potter's Pumpkins by shinjifukushima
Summary: Halloween has always had multiple meanings for Harry.
Word Count: 2,665
Other Careers: Harry owns a pumpkin patch
Suprise, Suprise! by sassy_cissa
Summary: It's Harry's birthday tomorrow and he is not pleased at all when his husband is sent off for work.
Word Count: 3,022
Healthy Sportsmanship by lizardspots
Summary: Who'd have thought the worst part about being a Quidditch medic wasn't the stress and disgusting bodily fluids, but the ordeal of caring for the Cannons' star player Harry Potter?
Word Count: 10,800
Warning: Includes NSFW art